Isabelle Rodriguez

AI Bioengineer


1st Day on the Job!

I still can’t believe I managed to land a job in VIR Corp, everyone here is so nice and brilliant, including William and Leó.

Mr. Abramov told us he managed to secure a huge deal and took us out for celebrations at our favorite café, he bought everyone coffee, cake, lunch, everything! He’s such a wonderful boss!

On our way back to work, Mr. Abramov immediately switched back from the chill guy to the can-do everything boss man! The energy here is so great, looking forward to days ahead.


Working on the Future

It’s been over a year here and the challenges never stop coming, I love it!

The few prototypes we developed were being used in several space missions and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback!

Vira came in today, excited like a newborn puppy, telling us we were going to create a new strain to help improve the human body. He wanted to meet with us in private to discuss further details.

Whatever happens, I know we can handle it together! To the future!


A Messy Day

I saw the last results from the International Space Station, I can’t ignore my gut feeling anymore, I have to confront Vira about this result and start plans for a better future.

I know he’ll listen. He’s not a bad person.


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